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So what is refined salt? What about rock salt?

          Refined salt, separated only sodium chloride   Rock salt , a mass of salt that is solidified like a stone.

          Refined salt is the one made by separating NaCl   In the case of rock salt, a place with the sea had been
          (sodium chloride) from seawater using a special   turned into land by the crustal change, and the water
          device called ion exchange resin.              was dried over long time and only the salt remained
          Sodium chloride content is over 99%, with almost no   and hardened. Rock salt is widely used because of its
          mineral content. What we usually say is salt means all   high yield and beautiful colors these days. However,
          the sodium chloride that contains minerals and does   over a long period of time hardening, only sodium
          not mean sodium, such as refined salt. Natural salty   chloride crystals remain, mineral components washed
          taste can be felt when you eat minerals and sodium   away, so it is a salt with 98 ~ 99% sodium chloride
          chloride at once. Whether or not you consume   content, almost no mineral.
          minerals together makes a huge difference in your
          health as well as your taste.

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