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How is tidal-flat solar salt different from refined salt and rock salt?

          Good mineral, healthy body                     1% of world's mineral salt comes from tidal flat

          Minerals are the four elements that occupy most of   The tidal-flat of Shinan County is the only place
          the various elements in our bodies, namely, elements   in the world that produces the solar salt. It can
          other than carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.   be said that it is a major source of high content of
          Minerals affect not only physiological phenomena   mineral salts. Unlike other nutrients, it is difficult to
          such as osmotic pressure regulation, membrane   determine the amount of minerals because there is
          potential formation and neurotransmission in our   no big difference between the concentration
          body but also the function of proteins. Therefore,   required for human body and the concentration that
          if the supply of minerals is not smooth, various   is toxic when overdosed. Therefore, it is the most
          physiological phenomena are obstructed, and it is   safe and effective to consume the necessary amount
          easy to suffer from diseases such as chronic fatigue,   of food rather than the medicine.
          headache, atopy, insomnia, and it also leads to death.  In this regard, domestic solar salt, which is the
                                                         optimal source of minerals, is also rarely found in the

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