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Solar salt from tidal flat

                                                     It is clean solar salt which removes fine plastic, fine
                                                     dust, heavy metal from the smart salt field as solar
                                                     salt which is basic in the basic.
            T BIO

                                                     Processed solar salt

                                                     We produce various processed solar salt based on
                                                     basic solar salt. There are more than 10 types of solar
                                                     salts produced from the salt field of Biguemdo, which
                                                     are mixed with only natural ingredients to further
                                                     lower the salinity and add the necessary ingredients
                                                     for health and add color, taste, style and fragrance.

                                                                            Roasted salt
                                           Black garlic solar salt                Tumeric solar salt

                SBH solar salt
                                               Glasswort solar salt
                                                                                       Mushroom solar
           Herb solar salt

                                                            Red wine solar salt

                                                                                 Raspberry solar salt
                       Peppercorn solar salt

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