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Spreading technology about salt field from Bigeumdo
          to neighboring islands

          As the first president of the Soorimdaedong salt field,
          Mr. Son Bong Hoon expanded salt fields with 450
          members and resulted in the expansion of the
          solar salt field to the neighboring islands including
          Dochodo Island. At that time, people were gathered
          to learn the technique of salt field in Biguemdo
          island, and it is called Biguem(飛禽) because it looks   Absenteeism and tardiness records of members of
          like ‘flying birds’. At that time, the name          Soorimdaedong salt field
          of the island was called Biguem(飛金) because money
          came into the island.

          Reillumination of pioneering history of solar salt after
          Solar salt is now a specialty of Sinan-gun and Son
          Bong Hoon, a pioneer of solar salt who made a
          living for the difficult islanders at the time, is being
          relighted. Sinan tidal flat solar salt, which is richer in
          minerals than the world-renowned French Guerlain
          salt, is well worth it as a Korean specialty, beyond
          just the local.It is time for the community as well as      Bigeumdo
          the nation to reestablish the history of solar salt.

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