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                                                         Today we hear the clamor of "No breathing properly",
                                                         "Nothing to eat", Solar salt of Son Bong Hoon is
                                                         solving the issues one by one.
                                                         We are looking for materials that help to remove
                                                         micro-plastics from this good solar salt and protect
          More safely                                    fine dust from sticking to this fine solar salt. We
                                                         are making salts that are beneficial, not poisonous to
                                                         our bodies after having consulted with Salt Project
          More healthily                                 Committee of Mokpo National University on smart
                                                         factory, and consulted with the Oriental and Western
                                                         Medical Professions.

          Solar salt

          of Son Bong Hoon

          who much thinks

          about people                                   Tomorrow
                                                         It will be premium solar salt that is acclaimed as
                                                         "Solar salt of Son Bong Hoon is the answer!" from
                                                         world-class chefs. Korea's tidal flat solar salt has rich
                                                         minerals that can not be followed by any salt in the
                                                         world. We will inform the whole world about the
                                                         fact that solar salt of Son Bong Hoon is the one that
                                                         broke through the problems of fine plastic and fine
                                                         dust caused by the ocean and air pollution. We will
                                                         secure global competitiveness by presenting precise
                                                         analysis and accurate experimental data.
                                                         Through the comparison test, we will prove taste
                                                         and quality at the same time and make our tidal
                                                         flat solar salt and its hidden gems (resources) as a
                                                         representative product recognized by the world.

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