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South Korea's First Salt Field,                Korea’s first salt field is
          Pioneer of                                     Soorimdaedong of

          Soorimdaedong Salt Field                       Bigeum-myeon, Sinan-gun.
                                                         Mr. Son Bong Hoon started forming
                                                         the salt field at Suryim-ri, Bimgum-
                                                         myeon by using the tidal flats for
                                                         exploiting solar salt from 1944.
                                                         When Park Sam-man returned to his
                                                         hometown, his experience was used
                                                         for developing salt field and the first
                                                         salt field was created in 1946.
          Mr. Son Bong Hoon
                                                         This is the first salt field (Shijo salt
                                                         designated as a modern cultural

          Who is


          Son Bong Hoon?

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