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2019    •  Established research department
                                                                 •  Applied a patent regarding manufacturing apparatus and
                                                                  manufacturing method of solar salt
                                                                 •  Obtained ISO 22000 certification

                                                         2018    •  Participated in Hanoi International Food Fair in Vietnam
                                                                 •  Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
                                                                 •  Selected as a design excellence product of Fishery Food
                                                                  Promotion Center in PyeongChang Winter Olympic Game
                                                                 •  Opened sale store in KORAIL Small and Medium Business
                                                                  Excellent Product Hall
                                                         2017    •  Exported solar salt to Australia
                                                                 •  Selected as an annual gift for customers of KB Non-Life Insurance
                                                                 •  Selected as a gift for customers of KEPCO
                                                                 •  Selected as a co-brand, 'Yeoum' with the Korea Women's
                                                                  Businessmen's Association
                                                         2016    •  Opened a store at Yongsan I-Park of Shilla Duty Free Shop
                                                                 •  Changed the corporation to Saltbio Co., Ltd.
                                                                 •  Opened a store at Premier Jamsil of Lotte Department Store
                                                                 •  Obtained venture business certification

                                                         2015    •  Opened a store in Wooricoop (Oasis), an eco-friendly direct food
                                                                 •  Selected as a free gift for Hi-Mart customers
                                                                 •  Registered and relocated food factories
          In 1946, through trial and error for a long    2014    •  Registered to FDA and released solar salt named 'Camping Day'
          time in the poor island town of Bigeumdo in             for the camping barbecue
          Sinan County, we first obtained the crystal            •  Released 'Salt Rainbow' gift set
                                                                 •  'Camping Day' was selected as a HIT500 product of Small &
          of the solar salt with sunlight, wind and               Medium Business Promotion Corporation
          clean seawater for the first time in Korea.
          Haekwang, Son Bong Hoon convinced              2013    •  Introduced Son Bong Hoon and Salt Field to the "Disappearing
          the people of the island saying that it was             Traces of Everyday Life", a folklore video clip produced by the
          impossible for salt to spontaneously occur              National Folk Museum
                                                                 •  Released 'Gangnam Beauty' gift set
          on the tidal flats and informed the residents
          about the techniques and cooperated with
          them to develop the first solar salt field in   2012   •  Launched red wine/white wine/pepper/herb/black garlic solar salt
          Korea.                                                 •  Wine solar salt is judged to be suitable in quality inspection by
          We had a difficult time with the island with            Korea Food Research Institute (KAFRI)
          the islanders, and the technology spread
          widely to neighboring islands, and Sinan, an
          island of angels, became a home town of the    2011    •  Issued salt production license
          solar salt.                                            •  Judged to conform to the standard in domestic salt quality
                                                                  inspection by National Mokpo University

                                                         1946    •  Son Bong Hoon, pioneered the era of Shin-An solar salt

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