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Why                                            We cannot just stick to tradition unconditionally in
                                                         the changing natural environment. Nowadays, the
                                                         risk of micro-plastic and fine dust has almost reached
          Son Bong Hoon                                  the stage of fear. In such a situation, it is no longer
                                                         able to insist on the outdoor production of the solar
                                                         salt. Due to the finer size of micro-plastics, they
          Solar Salt?                                    are discharged to the sea waters with untreated at
                                                         the sewage treatment plant. When micro-plastics
                                                         are absorbed into the body, there is a possibility
                                                         of clogging blood vessels in the blood vessels, and
                                                         pathogens can exist on the micro-plastic surface
                                                         and cracks, which can act as a breeding ground for
                                                         bacteria to cause problems in the body.
                                                         The solar salt of Son Bong Hoon has
                                                         developed a patented device that can
                                                         remove micro-plastics at its source from
                                                         the manufacturing process to eliminate
                                                         customer's concerns, and is produced
                                                         with the recognition of effectiveness
                                                         from specialized analytical institutions.

                                                                                        Registered with US FDA
          Our water purification process

                                                                              Removing heavy
                                                     Removing fine size particle   metals, bacteria
                     Removing turbidity, color and odor

                USE                                                          MBC          L1
                                                                                          L2  USE

                 Activated   BLOWER  Reactor     STEP A  STEP B   STEP C          Production
                 carbon                                                             tank

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