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Innovative solar                            We have introduced ICT Smart Farm technology into
                                                         solar salt production and produce the highest quality
             salt produced                               solar salt through remote automatic environmental
                                                         control. Filtering of fine plastics and heavy metals
             in Smart Salt Field                         with special water purification technology and
                                                         production of clean room prevented foreign matter
                                                         from entering. We can analyze the big data obtained
                                                         by more than 500 times of contamination and quality
                                                         inspection and remote automatic production method
                                                         through AI to adjust the size of salinity and salt
                                                         particle to develop smart salt field so that you can
                                                         choose the best salt according to the purpose and
                                                         In short, you can feed this solar salt to even
                                                         young children.

             Verification system                         The Solar Salt of Son Bong Hoon has been
                                                         commissioned to professional analytical agency every
             in which it can be                          month to inspect and manage the standard values
                                                         of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and
             eaten safely                                mercury specified in Food Code.
                                                         The company's quality management team receives
                                                         regular hygiene training at specialized training
                                                         institutions and manages and supervises producers to
                                                         produce hygienic and safe products.

                                                         We also received ISO 22000 international
                                                         food standard, considering the heightened
                                                         consumer's requirement.

                                                                                         ISO 22000 certification

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