Haegwang Bong-hoon Son, Korea’s pioneer for sea salt


    South Korea’s first sea salt farm, Surim Daedong Salt Farm

    South Korea’s first sea salt farm is Surim Daedong Salt Farm located in Bigeum-myeon, Sinan-gun.
    Bigeumdo Island’s vast mud flat, wind and sufficient amount of sunshine made the perfect conditions for making sea salt. In 1944, Bong-hoon Son blocked the mud flat and started establishing a salt farm in Bigeum-myeon, Surim-ri for sea salt. Once Sam-man Park, who worked as a technician at the Guiseong Salt Farm in Pyeongando Island, came back to his hometown, he leveraged his experience into the making of the salt farm. And finally in 1946, Korea’s first sea salt farm was established.
    This salt farm was the first salt farm to be registered as a Modern Cultural Heritage.


    Dissemination of the salt farm technology from Bigeumdo to nearby islands

    As the first union president of Surim Daedong Salt Farm, Bong-hoon Son expanded the farm with 450 union members. And as a result, the sea salt farm exapnded to nearby islands including Dochodo, and people came to Bigeumdo to learn the salt farm technology. The name of the island Bigeum originally means a shape of bird flying, but during this type, it was given a nickname that means a shape of money flying.