Company history And location


    - 2019
    - Establishment of research department.
    - Applied patent for manufacturing device and manufacturing method of sun-dried salt.
    - Acquired ISO 22000 Certification.

    - 2018
    - Participated in Hanoi International Food Expo.
    - Acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification.
    - Selected as an excellent product by Korea Fisheries Food Promotion Center in PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
    - Entered the luxury floor of KORAIL SME Excellent Product Center.


    - 2017
    - Exportation of sun-dried salt to Australia.
    - Selected as an annual customer gift for KB Insurance.
    - Selected as a customer gift by KEPCO headquarters.
    - Selected as co-brand “Yeum” by the Korea Women Business Woman’s Association.

    - 2016
    - Entered at Shilla Duty Free in Yongsan I-Park.
    - Converted business entity as Salt Bio Co., Ltd.
    - Entered at Lotte Department Store Premieriel in Jamsil.
    - Obtained Venture Business Certification.

    - 2015
    - Entered at eco-friendly direct food store of Woori Cooperative (Oasis).
    - Selected as Hi-Mart customer gift.
    - Registration and expansion of food factory.


    - 2014
    - FDA registration, launching of sun-dried salt of 'camping day'
    for camping barbecue.
    - Launched the 'Salt Rainbow' gift set.
    - The 'Camping Day' selected as HIT500 product by Small and Medium Business Corporation.

    - 2013
    - Introducing of Son Bong-hoon and salt farm
    in the national folk museum's records of living folklore of “Trails of Disappearing Everyday”.
    - Release of 'Gangnam Beauty' gift set.
    - Entered at Galleria Department Store in Apgujeong. Received suitability from Korea Food Research Institute (KARFI) quality test for wine sun-dried salt

    - 2012
    - Launched red wine/ white wine/ whole pepper/ herbs,
    and black garlic salts.
    - Received suitability from Korea Food Research Institute (KARFI) quality test for wine sun-dried salt.

    - Issuance of salt manufacturing permit.
    - Received suitability of domestic salt quality inspection and standard by Mokpo National University.


    - 1946
    - Son Bong-Hoon, pioneered the era of Sinan Sun-dried Salt.
    - South Korea's first pioneering sun-dried salt and salt farm.

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Bigeumdo Salt Farm

1-23, Deoksan-ri, Bigeum-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do,
Republic of Korea
061 - 271 - 5592

171-37, Geumpa-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
061 - 271 - 5592